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That was excellent Bob :thumbs:.

Informative and fun (full of it :P). Last podcast it was mafia references and now cocaine. Good on you!

I reckon I'm going to give this a try. Great job :salute:.
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Bob, i love your accent.
i also loved the cocaine reference.
see you in Seattle.
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You better love my accent. You will be stuck with it for 3 days in Seattle. Come to think of it I will be stuck with your accent too! Thanks to everyone for your kind words. I had fun doing the show. I haven't received a check from the first show yet? I talked longer on the second show maybe I will get paid more? Ha HA HA!!

If you follow the pictures on the web page it will probably be better than following my babbling words! I am going to make a hop vodka with a "Nobel" type hops tonight. I am not sure what I will pick. I will probably look for the oldest date that I marked on the package. (Hallertauer) I just picked! I have a new stainless Steele french press. I broke two glass ones shaking out coffee grounds. Yes, you can use french presses for coffee too! Imagine that?
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Great show! You have a radio voice. I have tried your hop vodka and I like it!
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