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Is there a calculator with US units used instead of metric? I tried searching but didnt get any hits..
I find it hard to try to convert it and then reconvert it back and all that jazz. Or could i just convert the figures in the spreadsheet. and if that does anyone know the conversions that i should use.

Thanks all!!


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You could use the converter, top right of the page. ADMIN NOTE: Unfortunately the edget being referred to here is no longer available. Please read this post for alternatives.
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Are you talking about converting all of the metric units in The Calculator to gal, lbs, oz? If so, I altered the original Calculator to convert everything to imperial, you can download it here.

If you just want to quickly convert some metric value, google is a good way. In the search bar just type, "convert X liters to gallons" and the conversion will pop up.

And yes, the converter works well for converting units on this site.
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Welcome to the site TJ,

There is no US version of "The Calculator" currently available unfortunately. BrickBrewHaus's adapatation of "The Calculator" has inspired us with some ideas so we might be able to get the spreadsheet a bit more US friendly quicker than we thought. (Thanks BBH.)

Until then, the advice and links above will get you there.

Good question TJ,

[EDNOTE: Update this post when "The Calculator" incorporates US units.]

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Well done tj. If you can work out how to post your version up here, please do. Your thinking and layout might add to BBH's ideas and make our job easier :pray:.

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tjthebest wrote:Thanks guys, i just ended up using the convert formula and made a new column at the end that shows the gallons and stuff.

Its a great little calculator.
Could you post your version?
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I thought about converting the unit to imperial for my first brew, but ended up just using metric. It was much easier than trying to convert everything. I had a pitcher with both quarts and liters on it, so I used that to measure. Weighing grain was easier in grams: no fractions!
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