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Thanks to my wife and mother in law I have my first BIAB bag. I used the recommendations of but adjusted the height a little to have some more overhang.

Top = kettle top circumference (3.14 x diameter x 0.5) x 1.15
Height = kettle height x 1.50 + 1inch for drawstring or elastic.
Base = kettle base diameter x 0.85

After sewing using a roll stitch for the hem and interlocking stitch for strength I ended up with the follow dimensions

Top = 27.5 inches
Height = 30.5 inches
Base = 13 inches



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hmm... looks snayzzy. i was thinking of making one but the thought of lifting 30+ # dry bills tallked some sence into me. what is your projected average bil ls??
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I am a 5 gallon brewer at this point so max would probably be 20 to 25 lbs but I haven't ever made a beer that big so realistically 10 to 15 lbs will be the norm. I will let you know how the bag works out when I brew with it on Saturday with a 10.5 lbs bill.

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That is one nice looking bag. I had to sew my own, it works but it looks like something a child put together.

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Nice post Prymal and welcome to the forum :salute:,

From looking at your pics, I'm pretty sure that the porsoity of your material will work out really well. (Getting the right porosity material is not that easy.) The stitching looks really well done too :clap:.

I know this site's second highest priority is to manufacture BIAB bags so as brewers have the opportunity to not only have a great bag but also to be working from bags of the same porosity. (There are bags being sold now that have totally the wrong porosity for BIAB :argh:.)

Make sure you let us all know how she goes on her maiden voyage. (I think I heard somewhere that was worried that the pillow case design should have allowed more height, like you have done.) Any feedback would help the rest of us out too.

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The bag has worked perfectly for the last 4 brew days. I have used it on various grain bills ranging from 10.5 to 23 pounds. So far the only issue I have run into was protecting the bag from the edges of the keggle opening. You either have to be very diligent and sand your cut completely smooth or cut a slit in a piece of high temp tubing and wrap the opening. I created a few runs but not tears in my bag when stirring the mash and pulling the bag out.

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I had the same issue with my keggle. It was cut with a plasma cutter but I still spent the better part of an hour with a dremel and finally sand paper grinding it smooth. But I do love the the 15.5 gal. volume it provides.

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