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Hi, I have brewed up a Dr Smurto Golden Ale and I'm having troubles with my gravity readings, it seems just all up the creek... My OG was two points down on the expected 1.044 and my FG after 16 days is 4 points up on my expected 1.013.......... My Brix readings 3 days after pitching (Tues 9 Dec) was 7.8 that was followed by 7 or thereabouts right through until Tues 16th when I dry hopped, I then got to 7.8 last Thurs and then on Saturday it hit 6.8 and has been consistently the same over the last 3 days.

I always just sprinkle my 05 yeast over the top of the wort and use glad-wrap to cover...........
The brew has been fermenting at 18c in a STC1000 controlled fridge.............
I Dry Hopped the brew with Amarillo and Citra 5 days ago..........

What I'm wondering is the lower OG (1.042) and the higher FG (1.019) going to cause me much grief?
If so What will be the consequences?
Is the yeast stalled and should I add another satchel of yeast to remedy the situation, keeping in mind I have already Dry Hopped?
Or is there any other advice should I just go ahead crash chill and bottle??
Or am I being a tad paranoid about nothing?

Thanks guys and wish you and you families all the best for Christmas
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US-05 should go lower. A couple of things that jump out at me are.
1) Did you aerate the wort before pitching? The yeast may have run out of oxygen and have gone to sleep.
2) What were your mash temperatures? Although I think it is less likely; the yeast may have run out of fermentable sugars.
I think I would gently stir the yeast back into suspension and try bumping the fermentation temperature a couple degrees.
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Alanem - you have used a refractometer for your readings, but you did not mention the original brix reading.

Using Sean Terrill refractometer calculator I am guessing your original brix reading to give 1.042 was about 11 Bx? Your final brix reading was 6.8Bx.

If so you had 1.042 OG & now have 1.015 FG (3.5% ABV). The recipe called for 1.044 & 1.013 (11.5 Bx & 6.4 Bx), 3.9% ABV.

Seems a little high but it isn't a massive difference.
Also, without knowing your other parameters I cannot read too much into it. I would say don't worry.
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Thanks guys.... Lumpy I no chill so when the cube is about 22c I tip it from a fair height into the FV so it gets a fair aerating there..... The grain went in @ 69c for 90 mins and I lost about 4c over that time... I will try with the gentle rocking method and see what happens
Thanks for your help much appreciated....

Mally - the original brix was 10.5 which worked out at 1.042 and the gravity at the moment reads @ 6.8 which when corrected stands at 1.017 going by the spreadsheet I am using, ( but that may well be wrong )
a 3.9 beer maybe a bit light on for my tastes so I guess maybe I'll try to rock it back to life, then if no response I'll just chill and bottle and do a mix with another brew...
Thanks Mally
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Apologies alanem. I have had this thread marked for ages but haven't replied to it. Usually I don't lose a track of a thread for so long :dunno:.

What I wanted to say here is that an FG of 1.017 with US-56 is not unheard of. I nearly always get that on my Schwartz for example.

I think there are at least a few factors at play here (probably a lot more :scratch:)...

1. Dodgy hydrometers or refractometer readings or single readings not double-checked. (Black and white stuff.)
2. Effect of OG on FG. (Not relevant on this brew really but, theoretically, the higher the OG the higher the FG.)
3. Effect of crystal or roasted grains on FG. (Latest research shows that crystal affects pH as much as roasted so is the same thing at play here with FG?)

The main thing though that is relevant here (and in every brew) is the result....

Many of the most important things in brewing cannot be measured well, if at all, by instruments even if they are accurate. Does a chef have instruments to measure the flavour and aroma of their food let alone the myriad of other things?

A good chef will have a base recipe in their mind or written down. The master chef though will always be making adjustments to balance the ever-changing supply of raw ingredients. The same goes for master brewers I think.

It all goes back to knowing what numbers to respect and disrespect I think. Respect and take care of weights and volumes into the brew. Respect the end result (taste) of the brew way before you pay attention to the end numbers.

I reckon ;),
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Thanks PP all is good, I have bottled it and will just wait and see what happens, maybe I'll do another JSGA brew with a high ABV and then shandy the 2 brews when drinking time comes around
I used to spill more than I drink these days!
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