Hot break. Skim it on not?

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Just been pondering my brewing process and one of the questions I have is when the wort comes to the boil and you get a foam up ( I am assuming this is hot break :? ) what does everybody do? Do you skim it? If so is it important to get it all? Or do you just let it go?
Cheers guys. ;)
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I skim it, no point in all that crap falling back into the brew and getting lost only to come back again as chill haze, take it out when it's sitting on top and presenting itself. I also find it helps stop boil overs being as bad too. My blog, If you like what you read post a comment on the blog comments section thanks, BIAB post coming soon.

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I used to skim but don't anymore because I am getting lazier by the brew :).

I think it is probably good practice as Eoin says. When you are starting out it is especially good practice as it will force you to be looking at the brew during the initial stages of the boil so you'll get a "feel" for things faster.

Skim away Wizard :).
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Never skimmed. I never whirlpool. All gunk is drained into my cube and is siphoned off the next day. I don't know if I loose or gain anything? All I know is that the beer is good and people clamor for it. OK, it's free and that has something to do with it.
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I don't skim, I have, but I don't any more.

I haven't noticed any change in the beers either way. So make your day easier and just let the boil do it's thing.
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I'm with Bob. Mine all goes into the cube, although I strain rather than siphon into the fermenter.
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I think Bob has again hit the nail on the head, when folks line up for your beer then you know you're doing at least some things right! :P

I used to skim religiously, but having sacrilegiously tried a few without, it seemed to make no discernible difference. I still skim the odd one now and then, but only opportunistically.
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