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Next week or the one after I'll brew my first BIAB without recirculation, I'll either do a traditional no chill or chill in the boiler. I've just removed the tap and drain so now I have a simple boiler no nasty places for things to hide.

Now when it comes to getting the wort out into a FV I'm inclined to use a syphon. I know I can fill it with StarSan and run it out or even suck and dump the the end into StarSan.

But I have been thinking about alternative ways to start a syphon made from silicone tube. Like all er Brilliant ideas somebody has probably already tried it so here it is.

What about running a pair of rollers down the outside of tube to suck up the wort and start the syphon. In effect a peristaltic pump just used to get things going.

So will it work, anybody tried it?

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aamcle, your rollers will have to prevent almost all air from passing back while still pulling liquid up and over the side of the kettle. It may be possible as in a peristaltic pump that repeatedly squeezes the same stretch of tube, but by hand? Not easily done.
I am working on a decent description of how I siphon. Here's an early draft;
Pre-fill the sanitized hose with good water, pinch or plug one end shut whilst holding the other end slightly above (or not lower than, is more accurate) the plug and inserting that open end into the liquid to be transferred - almost all the way to the bottom is best. Stabilize that end in the liquid in the kettle. There should be no flow as long as the outside plug remains. I then lower the plugged end (lower than the bottom of the kettle) to a small container and release, starting the flow of the trapped water. Once the wort arrives at the outlet, I remove the small container and direct the flow to the empty target vessel. I actually use a hollow rod on the end that goes into the kettle - you could use a recking cane - in order to keep it directed downward under the liquid's surface in the kettle.
No cleaning difficulties with this set-up.
I fill my hose from a RO faucet with a nice laminar flow of water. You could also use a sanitized funnel that fits inside the hose and pour your good water into the funnel (Oh, no. Another piece of equipment to clean).

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aamcle, depending on the Diameter, and the length of the Tubing.

You can put all but a few cm/inches of the hose into the Kettle, and when the tubing fills, block the end of the Hose that you holding, and pull the tubing out far enough to fill the NC/Fermenter.

Be-Care-Fuul to NOT pull the Hot hose completely out of the Kettle.

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For COLD transfers I use ^^ Lumpy's ^^ method.
For HOT transfers (before I got my hands on a hot syphon) I used a jiggler with silicon tubing. Not that it was great (takes a bit of practice).
It can disturb trub too so difficult if trying to rack clear beer. This never bothered me in particular as I always transferred everything anyway.
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This is a pretty good topic, because I have been trying various manual racking cane solutions to utilize my DIY fermenter chimney. Everything I do makes a mess, even that fancy suck-start contraption that we often link to here.

I think I'm just going to practice ShorePoints method, maybe even design something to unnecessarily complicate that simple and effective process.
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I've just bottled my current batch a Duseldorf Alt so in the next week or two I'll brew my first traditional BIAB no recirc or any other fancy things like dunking, my personal experience is that I'll need to add a little more grain but that's Ok.

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