Crap boil

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I made a Greg Hughes milk stout yesterday
I just could not get a good rolling boil, British wether/need more kw's
At the end off 2 hours I had 8 litres to much Walt
No trub to speck of, tastes ok
Is it a bin job or would you ferment it
Any advice would be great
I'am going to upgrade my gas ring

Crap boil

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No reason to bin it. It might be lower gravity than expected but it will still make beer!

How big was the boil?

What sort of regulator do you have? A medium or high adjustable flow reg might do the job rather than a new burner or a 2400W over the side electric element would give it a decent kick along as well.

Crap boil

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Well having and extra 8L on top of 25 is a big miss!

On the plus side it looks like you can make beer without a boil! ... experiment

Very anecdotal but shows it is worth fermenting out to see how it comes up. Also seems accurate on the main problems you could anticipate that a book is used for namely protein content in the finished beer, DMS and hop utilization.

There's plenty more going on in the boil but that's the basics.

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Try putting a stainless steel bowl in the kettle when you're boiling. This lessens the surface area and will get it going.
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Oldgit wrote:Ive got a 5.32 kg burner
Thinking of getting this one" onclick=";return false; ... _1746.html
I have that burner. It is a beast. If you are doing 5 gal VIF batches it is a bit of overkill. I boiled over my first 5 gal batch in a 15gal pot :o
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I used to have heaps of trouble with boils. 2 ring burner, no good... 3 ring burner, no good... bigger regulator, no good...

would take ages to get to boiling, then would boil then die down, build back up etc... never a vigourous boil

what I have done is 3 ring burner with 2kg/hr regulator and I place bricks around the pot three high in alternating pattern. Traps all the heat in there! Boil 35L from mash temp in 30 minutes and hold vigourous boil constantly!

Its a bit primative but I figure rather than wasting more heat and more gas (more expensive brew) may as well maximise efficiencies with what is laying around!

If you want I can get some pics of it, but it is nothing special!
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