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First off hello to everyone been awhile since I've posted
Brewed a stout yesterday overshot my water by about two gallons.so my original gravity readings were low .I was looking for 1.059-1.060 and got 1.041. I would have just did a longer boil but had to leave (took the wife to a concert ) so I went ahead and threw it into the cube to cool and was going to go with it as is but, got to thinking. Can I add a little more LME and do a second boil say half an hour to one hour to bring the OG up or is it not worth it?
Nice to see the forum is growing strong, I think my club is going to do an educational class on Biab they seem to be pretty excited about the method!

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Hi jmb, good to hear from you again!

That's quite a low OG, what a bummer. If you are reboiling the existing wort, just be careful the bitterness doesn't increase beyond what you're expecting, that's what could happen to any later additions which have been isomerised, even though the hops are no longer present. But, being a stout is itsn't likely that there are any.
In all honesty I'd just use LME to bring it up to the intended gravity, there's no real need to reboil the whole lot AFAIK. Chalk this one up to experience.

Glad to hear BIAB is making waves at your club, sure we'd all be more than willing to support education, provide any resources where we can etc, so let us know if there's anything we can do.
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Thanks for the fast reply Ralph . Yea I was a little disappointed in the reading but if that's the worst of it no biggie! I was thinking I had to boil LME but, now that you mention it I've read a couple recipes that have ya hold half the extract addition till the end of the boil
Already sending club members our way. It really amazes me how many brewers here in the states have no idea this method exists

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Yeah no worries jmb, the extracts (wet or dry) can be added at the end of the boil, largely just to ensure it remains sanitary before pitching.

Gotta fly, good luck with it! :)
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Good to see you back jb,

As Ralph said, I'd definitely not reboil, just add a bit of extract if you wish. This is a dark, rich beer recipe so it is still going to taste magnificent. I have often brewed really low-alcohol dark beers and they have been a treat so, it should be a very enjoyable beer.

Cheers jb,
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hi everyone,
Well I added some dme to the wort and brought it up to around 1.059. Brought my water up to a boil added the DME turned my back for a second and had my first boil over :idiot:
fermented for two weeks , added some cocoa nibs and fresh cuban espresso to secondary. kegged last night :thumbs: tasted so good i drank two pints flat with dinner :thumbs: Thanks for the help
On a side note I've talked about Biab at my last two club meetings have alot of extract brewers interested i the process :thumbs:

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Happy days then, jb! :drink: Glad it worked out well, you probably learned a thing or two so there's been a real bonus! :champ:

Glad to hear the club brewers are BIAB- curious, I'm so pleased when I hear extract or kit brewers really keen to try AG and BIAB helping them to do this sooner than they otherwise would. :thumbs:
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