How do I use Rice?

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Does anyone out there have any advise on using rice as an adjunct, as I am thinking of brewing a pilsener using something along the lines of 85% pilsener malt, 5% wheat malt ,5% Munich malt and about 5% Rice just to lighten it a bit for those hot summer days.
As I've never used rice before I'm not really sure how to go about it and would appreciate any advise.

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You can also purchase flaked rice for not much more $. Like flaked oats, it is ready for your mash right out of the package because the rolling process gelatinizes it. Another bonus with BIAB, YOU don't have to worry about a stuck mash. I will say though, it will drain a lot slower because the rice absorbs the water. You probably want to prepare for this extra time and perhaps a second vessel with an upside down colander for draining. Still totally doable. I do Biermuncher's (HBT) Cream of Three Crops with 4# flaked corn, 1# flaked rice and 12# 2-row without incident.
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I've used rice in my last few brews. Boiled it up until nice and sloppy whilst heating mash water then added it to the bag when doughing in the other grains. I used rice in a pilsner and tried it in a couple of apa's just to see what would happen. Each time I used 500g the main thing I found was that it lightened up the beer like what you are aiming for.
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As all have said above there a several ways to use rice.

I do the same as wilso and just give it a good boil to get it geletanised and then it goes straight into the mash.
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Hippy, I just use long grain rice, but I'm guessing you could use most types (medium and short) although wild rice does not geletenise so I wouldn't use that.

Give it a cook for 1/2 hour or so, I cook the night before, but it doesn't really matter.
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Thanks again fellas.
Looks like it's time to kick the APA out of the fermenter fridge, cook some rice, and make some pilsener.
I'll let you all know how it goes.

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Just bumping this thread, that slipped under my radar :scratch:
If you are using a shedload of rice, American style, an interesting thing to try is a cereal mash. Rather than pour a heap of cooked mushy gelatinised rice into the mash at normal sacch. temperature such as 66 (151) degrees and letting it fend for itself, you can mash it separately at a bit over 70 (159) degrees with a portion of the base malt - the malt attacks the rice in Alpha Amylase territory and can convert it surprisingly quickly, then you let it cool down to normal mash temperature and pour it into the main mash. I've found it gives a lovely smoothness and body. Just cook to a fairly thick porridge and stir about 10 to 15 percent of your base malt in dry.

A brief description here: don't go on to further boil the cereal mash as it's been pre gelatinised before the cereal mash.
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Sounds interesting Beachbum. I'll definately give that a try next time. First rice brew is still in the fermenter fridge at a cosy 12 degrees so the jury's still out on how it turned out.
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