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I just wanted to report that on my latest brew, I could finally claim success with this method. I'm not positive what my errors were in the past, so I'm not sure if I can be sure that I'm not going to 'backslide', but, for the first time with this method, I've finally gotten over 65% efficiency.

79.7%, yay me!

I'm attributing the biggest gains to the fact that this time, I did /not/ forget to raise the temp to mashout with the grains /in/

Thanks for the great resources!

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I don't think temperatures like that will effect gravity, merely attenuation.

It could have been increased time due to mashout, or your stirred a heckuva lot better, etc.

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Hmm...I reason it the other way, and I'm sure I heard or read something once upon a time that suggested the same to me, though I couldn't say where, now.

In my thoughts, the higher temp of the liquor makes for faster 'moving' of the sugars, from the grain to the wort.

I could be wrong, certainly, but, between that, and adding some burton salts, I'm not certain that I really did anyting differently.

Though, your suggestion about the stirring does ring true. I had a new bag, the one referenced on this forum, with the conical shape to it, and I found that it tended to push my grains together in the bag, which I assumed was desirable, but really made we wish to stir quite a lot.

So, lets call it a handful of points for mashout, another handful for the salts (using very soft water, otherwise), and a big wad of points for better stirring, and that about gets us there....I can live with that.



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Good on you rl and welcome to BIABrewer :salute:

Your 79% efficiency figure is the average of what BIABrewer's should get even without stirring amd agitating the grain during the mash - there are some lazy buggers out there :lol:.

I'm not sure what your prior experience is with software and efficiency figures but one common error, if you are in your early brewing software/all-grain days, is brewing one day and writing down your resaults in the form, "My efficiency was 65%," and then a month later when you brew again, you write down, "My efficiency was 80%."

I've never written or thought about this before but on reflection, in my early days of brewing, I did the above before understanding the figures I was reading.

So, one possibility is that when you did your prior brews (not sure how long ago) you were thinking efficiency into the fermenter and on your latest brew, you were now focussed on mash efficiency.

If this is the case, then your "mash" efficiency of 79% equates nicely with an into fermenter efficiency of 15 percent lower and your problem is solved!

This might seem silly but just a change in your thinking, reading and understanding of figures or software may well account for your discrepancy. It is very hard to change "real" BIAB efficiency figures unless you have a major water chemistry problem, a very poor mashing thermometer or a very tight bag.

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Yeah, I've considered that, but, I keep good notes, usually. I've gone back and re-run the numbers, and they are right on with my recollection.

My worst ever was an abysmal 42% ! I had to buffer with a load of DME to make the difference. It turned out fine, but, was NOT what I was hoping to accomplish!

As far as my water chemistry, I think its probably about as bad as it could be. I use a very very low mineral bottled water. This was the first time I'd ever added salts to bring up the hardness any.

I'm not sure what all the differences add up to, but, between them all, I seem to have arrived.

Now I just need to be consistent with it!
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