removing clorine and clorimine

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morning or evening what ever it maybe where your at

got a question bout water , my city water uses chlorine and chloramine . I know i can let the water sit over night to remove the chlorine and use campden tablets to remove the chloramine. Question is how fast does the campden tablets work? kind of an impulsive brewer if i have a four to five hour window i want to brew without having to wait for the water to clear or go buy 9 gallons of water
Thanks jimmy

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I've wondered about that myself, the chlorine neutraliser (also snots chloramine and nitrates) for aquariums works instantly, also wondered if Campden tabs might work interchangeably. I've been contemplating a test batch, but sig is right, googling it first is probably sensible.
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Hmmm from what I understand the action of Campden is as good as instant, I've gone straight to the boil almost everytime after adding the tabs. The rate that Joshua is advising sounds much too high to me and sounds more like a dose that wine would get after racking. I'd use one tablet for 60 litres of water.
If you used to per gallon you can expect your fermentation to take a few days to take off as it offgases the sulphites, unless it all boils off, but in any case the rate sounds too high to me. My blog, If you like what you read post a comment on the blog comments section thanks, BIAB post coming soon.

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To add another bit of info to this discussion, here is a thread on the BN where A.J. deLange talks about using Campden tablets. His posts are always very informative on water chemistry and this one is no exception.

Several of his comments were just as EoinMag has suggested: Chloramine elimination happens almost instantly when using Campden tablets, one tablet is enough to treat a lot of water (he suggests that 1 tab can treat 20 gal of water that has the maximum allowable amount of chlorine and chloramine).

One comment he does make that hasn't been mentioned here is that chlorine/chloramine should not contact your malts, so the main advantage to be gained from using Campden tablets comes by treating your strike water, not the boiling wort.
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thanks for the info guys
Know see if i had just googled this we wouldn't have this great discusion on water :thumbs:
on a side note enjoying my american brown ale (janets brown ale from brewing classic styles) threw the campden tablets in as I was filling the kette with water don't notice any off flavors :thumbs:
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