Iam a happy stove top brewer.

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Hi all,
I am going to do my 12th batch on the stove this weekend and I have to say I am very happy with the results I have been getting. I just brought in some of my last two batches into the office today for my fellow employees to sample, and I received some nice feed back. I have been playing around with the biabicus spreadsheet to increase my batch size for the last few months and found that sparging and toping up the fermenter has worked to get me up to a 19 litre batch size. I have only now just found the maxi-biab posts and can see I am not the only one trying this. It is nice to know I was on the right track.


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Adam... great to hear that you found something that works for you. That is the beauty of homebrewing. You answer to nobody. Plus, sanitation and fermentation control are more important to making good beer than wort creation.

That said, I think all brewers can benefit from understanding all the different methods of brewing.

I am happy you are enjoying the hobby. Brew on!

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Brewing beer is like building a House, Mashing is the Foundation, Boiling/Hopping is the Structure, and Fermenting is the Roof.

We have to do everything or the House/Batch sucks.
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I saw this thread a few days ago but didn't have time to reply. Really nice to read things like this and I love joshua's analogy above.

Do an Advanced Search for posts done by me that include the phrase, 'Sweet Liquor Shop'. Go to the oldest result and you'll be able to study the pros and cons of what we now call "Full-Volume Variations (FVV)". (Maxi-BIAB was always a term that this site was unhappy with but it took many years to find an alternative that worked and did not convey the wrong message. The term initially meant maximum volume but the term did not convey the cost.) Now we have the FVV term and this is a far more accurate and less aggressive term. A FVV includes any variation from Full Volume or SMS (simultaneous mashing and sparging) and hopefully, future BIABacus help will quickly let brewers know that...

Any full-volume variation always affects, in some way (usually negative), one or more of the following - labour, equipment, ingredients or quality. The BIABacus is the only software that comes anywhere close to handling these inter-relationships but even it won't quantify labour or equipment costs. For now, the 'Sweet liquor Shop' posts are the best source of understanding the complexities of FVV's.

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