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Hey Dean,

Where do you live? Might be easier to get a good response. 50L pot... well BIABrewer doesn't have any official bag vendors but there are a few websites you can hit the will custom fashion a bag for you. You can also go to your local fabric store and buy voile curtain fabric, 100 % polyester, and fashion one for yourself. Check out this forum ...

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For what it's worth to other brewers looking for bags. There's a user, Wilserbrewer, on HBT(homebrewtalk) that is a well recognized forum member, helper of fellow BIAB'ers and makes a dang good brew bag.

You can order one of his bags at

They're great quality, I know he's tested them with up to 120lb of free weights, which would be even more strenuous than a real test of grains since the free weights would exert more pressure than the grains would. IE the grains weight would be more evenly distributed.
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