BIABacus - please check i've got it right

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Hope this is ok, couldn't figure out if there was somewhere else to put this.

I have had a go at using BIABacus for the first time. I think it all makes sense apart from the Miscellaneous section, i have put the protofloc and other ingredients in there but the numbers dont seem right...

Thanks in advance, can't wait to try these out!
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I am not as well versed as some of our other members regarding the BIAB (yes Pat, I know I need to become "well versed") but below are a few links to some useful topics on using the tool, somebody smarter (but not better looking) than myself will be along very soon to provide some real help to you.

"The BIABacus - Help" at

"Clear Brewing Terminology (CBT)" viewtopic.php?f=5&t=2685

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We have spent some time on Greg Hughes-HBB recipes, and I've only worked on 1 of them I believe. We haven't exactly seen a clear trend over many recipes yet, but here is the progress we have made in translating the recipes so far.

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