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Anyone here using the Speidel Braumeister? It is, essentially, an 'automated' electric BIAB. I bought one last November and have finally got it up and running. A friend who has one came up and we had my first brew day using it. We brew an APA from Brewing Classic Styles. Hit all the numbers except the VIF which was about 2 L more than expected.

One question I have is.. How might I use BIABacus with this gadget? One thing I'm not certain of is the measurement of the pot. In this case, the sides are straight for height and width measurement.. but there is an insignificant rod in the middle from bottom to top and there are the somewhat significant heating coils inside. How might I account for that?

The first batch we did was full volume. Due to pot constraints, we had to draw off about 6 L of water into a large pitcher before adding the grains. Once the "bag" was covered with the screen, we added the final volume of water. We wouldn't have had to do this if we had chosen to sparge.

So far, very happy with the BrauMeister.
Hop Song Brewing-Santa Rosa, California
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