Which way to go to BIAB this Brooklyn Brew Shop kit?

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Well, I still haven't worked those whiskey yeasts into my beer brewing, lol ...

I've been busily brewing ever since the freezers were delivered, and while only two ended up being available to me for ferm and kegs (the other holds normal freezer overflow, but does have bags of ice and my hops), I've filled them up w/ kegs - 2.5g and 3g - of homebrew that I've made using BIAB.

The first batches of AG kit beers I brewed using the combined strike and sparge water, and the last three I've used Beersmith.

The efficiency/volumes seem virtually arbitrary, so I'm planning to setup some future batches using BIABacus.

Honestly, I don't feel confident in the recipe management and lock-in for using it, and will enjoy the versioning inherent in just keeping a collection of BIABacus spreadsheets. I might even check them in to github and maintain them under source control ...

I've brewed a couple of bigger beers the last two times, and am planning a 3rd and final big stout for this weekend, before I start to do a series of room-temp lagers under pressure and saisons (out of cold storage space). I've assembled a small army of spunding valves and kegs, so it should be interesting.

The last two sessions I step mashed for 2-3 hrs to achieve the gravity I was after, and it turns out it's pretty hard to brew a big 2-2.5 gal batch in a 24qt kettle using BIAB, at least in my experience, without using extract.

I'll come back and add my recently executed batches, just to have context for what's to come!


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Mad_Scientist wrote:You've been busy there Grant. Welcome to the club of pressure fermenting. Be sure to post over on my thread, pictures, comments, questions, etc. over in the fermentation thread. Cheers!!!
Will do.
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