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Hello all Newbie to the forum here. Wanted to say I've been brewing for a year and a half now and really enjoy it(the brewing and drinking). I'm getting ready to up my game to a electric system from my local LHBS and thought I would get some feed back from you all. I will say that I know that the price always comes up, but you must understand that I think the price is right for what I get with the manufacture being in my home city and being a member to the beer club the owner of the store goes to. I'll post the web info for you to look at so you can see what I'm looking at buying. One other thing I'll have to do is get me a bigger fermentation chamber currently using a dorm size fridge with the capacity for 2 LBK's from Mr. Beer(been looking at Craiglist).

http://www.highgravitybrew.com/store/pc ... 9p4647.htm

If you look at More Info there is a video that gives some sense of what the system will do.

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Good looking rig but I offer up the following for your consideration:

120V brewing is convenient but has its drawbacks...mainly being that it is slow. It takes a long time to heat 8-9 gallons of water with 120V. I'm not talking out of my azz, I have a 120V system I built for test batches and it takes quite a loooong time to heat the water although to be fair I am using a 2000 watt element, not the 2250 watt Blickman. The 2000 watt element can just barely got a half decent boil going so I typically use the stove top for additional heat. I haven't seen your LHBS system in action but if it can get 7+ gallons of liquid to a full rolling boil then I would say go for it. Just be sure the electrical system in your kitchen is up to the task. That 2250 watt coil is going to task a 15 Amp circuit to the limit, be sure your wiring is of sufficient gauge to supply the power without overheating or causing a fire. You may also want to verify that you have 2 separate circuit in your kitchen to use: if the pot is boiling away and the fridge kicks on, the microwave gets used, or someone drops a bagel in the toaster you don't want the breaker tripping. Same results if your kitchen circuit is shared with another room in the house and someone turns on a hair dryer, etc. Just some food for thought....

My advice? The 240V system is $100 more, do you have an electric dryer? You could plug the 240V system into the dryer plug if that is at all convenient. This would give you faster brew sessions and the ability to scale to larger batches when the time come. The 120V system is really cool but I can assure you that a some point in the (near) future you will be wishing you went with the 240V rig.

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Thanks for the comments guys.

Joshua; the Bling isn't what I'm looking at it's the overall system itself. Buy talking to Dave at the LHBS and watching the video I think this system will be just what I want. I really don't have a place to build a system or being an older gent really don't want to do it.

thughes; The 120v system seems to be able to do what is needed, the only thing I'll need to do is change out the plug on my kitchen island to a 20amp ground fault recept. the barkers are 20amps. and I believe my wiring will handle the pull. I can't do the 220v because I have no recept. for it other than dryer and can't use that room is not big enough. If you watch the video it seems to do a pretty good job on heating a 7 - 8 gal. of water.

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I've got the 230 volt 16 gallon version of that and I love it! I can go from tap temp water to mash temp in under 15 minutes and from that to full boil in another 20-25 minutes more for a 5 gallon batch. I can imagine it would be at least twice as much time with a 120 volt system. That said, it is first rate quality so if it will work for you go for it.

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Two_Dogs; glad to hear that you like your High Gravity rig looking at other forums at different sights only found a few that has the system (pros and cons on it). From talking to the people at the LHBS they seem to think this will fit the bill for what I want, don't think I'll ever do a 10 gal. batch, 5 gal is more my speed and with winter coming on I'll have plenty of time to fill the pipe for the summer at the lake with all the campers. Thanks for your input.

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I looked at every one that I could find. This one seemed the best balance of automation for me. I also liked the fact that other than the temp controller is of the shelf and not proprietary stuff.

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Got my system on 12-30-15. Put it together the next day did see where the temp. probe was moved to the kettle instead of the top of inlet to kettle, the probe sets between the electric coils. Fired this puppy up and started to bring the temp up, my temp was having wild swings to them so had to stop and do a quick check. Found that the probe was touching the top coil after adjustment it cleared up. Didn't do a boil just checking for operation and then drained for my trub reading. I'm happy with it and plan to do my boil volume tomorrow. :champ:
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