Building my first BIAB set up

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Apologies if this is covered in the forums but was hoping for a sanity check on the (what I think is the most simple) set up i'm about to put together.

Very basically, a 48L exposed element urn (already purchased) sitting on a bench with a 25L - 30L fermenter underneath the urn's tap.

A circular sheet of voile, a rope on a pulley set up, a colander to cover the element and immersion chiller handy.

After I pull the bag and boil the wort, I was going to hand stir a whirlpool while I immersion chill and once at fermenting temp, just free fall fill the fermenter from the urn's tap...hopefully leaving the trub behind and aerating the wort ready to pitch.

Is this mental and/or have I missed some steps that need addressing re: potential infections or not the right process to isolate teh trub etc?


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Hey GS,
I would recommend to run the cooled wort via a hose into the fermenter.
By all means whirlpool by hand, with a spoon, paddle, etc, not your hand obviously, or maybe not.

However, making beer is very forgiving and in my opinion (careful arse covering there) more often than not your proposed process would work effectively.
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Sounds like BIAB in a nutshell, get to it!

@Lemon: I think that allowing the PROPERLY COOLED wort to freefall into fermenter would do a good job oxygenating it in preparation for fermentation. You are right to recommend transferring with a tube to prevent possible oxidation IF the wort has not properly cooled. A very good point!

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Does anybody know the Difference between Aeration and Oxidation???
Yeast need a lot of Air, Oxidation takes hours or Days.
The colder the wort is, the More gases it can hold.
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