Rumours of the demise of Skink have been greatly exaggerated

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Yea, though I have walked through the valley of the shadow of death...
Okay, let's not get back into all that. I've been missing for a long time, due to that 'orrible four letter word, WORK. It's the classic Catch 22 really - when I wasn't working, I had no money to brew, and now I'm working, I've no time to brew. Anyway, my new year's resolution is to get busy again, and who knows, maybe regurgitate more Chronicles as we go (remember them?). But first of all, I'd like a little advice.
Some of you may remember my brewing comrade, Number Seven of the Ample Arse. Well, the jammy sod has only gone and won a Grainfather. Now, I've no intention of turning my back on ye olde Castle BIAB - Sir Pistol Patch would likely insist on broadswords at dawn if I did - so how can it be utilised for BIAB? We don't want to go down the sparging route if it can be avoided, but after winning 900 Euros of shiny stuff, it might as well be used. I saw a post (on the Grainfather blog, I think) that did a side by side comparison of sparse and no sparge in a Grainfather, and it said that the results were unfavourable, but I suspect that was a pile of ye olde donkey shite. Thoughts, please?

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From what little knowledge I have of the Grainfather (GF), I thought it was a full volume mash device?
i.e. it is a BIAB system.

I have heard of people sparging to try and get more volume or higher gravity. :scratch:
I would just plug a recipe into the BIABacus and adjust VIF to suit the GF volumes. That way you will get to know the system and tweak/iron out any process difficulties etc.
As long as the grain bill is smaller than the malt tube volume, and your water volume is less than the kettle it should be good to go IMO.

BTW - welcome back Skink, I thought you had been lost in the fires of Mount Doom :)
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Welcome back Skink :party:.

For newer readers or others who may have missed Skink's prior posts, do an advanced search of them using the word "chronicles" :).

Skink, give as much detail as you can on the Grainfather. Like the Braumeister, I think it can be used as a single vessel/full-volume/pure BIAB system as mally suggested or you can complicate it.

The instructions, on the Braumeister, at least from memory, aim towards complicating it. They don't mention in those instructions about the other vessels etc you need to do a simple sparge let alone how inefficient it will be on such systems.

Side by side comparisons of sparge versus no-sparge are always fascinating often because they miss the most vital factor of them all which is contact time with the grist. Have you got a link to that test yu mentioned?

Anyway, sober up you old dog and then change your title to something more serious and do some editing of your first post. Chronicles/funny stuff go here. This particular forum is a serious one where never the twain shall meet :).

Great to hear from you again Skink :peace:.
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