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I brewed a batch of Galaxy Delight a couple of days ago, my system is a typical recirculating BIAB. The bag is supported by a basket that keeps it off the walls of the outer vessel and off the heating element.

When I mash in I am in effect mashing into the volume of water in the bag obviously this is less than the total volume in the urn. I heat the water in the urn to strike temperature.

Issue 1. as a result of the above the mash in the bag will always start below the target mash temperature.

Water circulates through the grain in the bag relatively slowly.

I seem to have lost the rest of this post my Nexus7 gets a bit flaky some times.

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Even with recirculating, you'll want to give everything a good stir occasionally. I wouldn't concern myself about the initial strike temp, I'm always a bit low and simply raise it up before letting it sit. The bigger problem is being too high initially, very difficult to get the temp back down before the damage is done.

You're fine, go find something else to worry about. ;)

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I think with the recirculation you are still using the full volume. The water outside the bag is going to be recirulated as well. It is true that the mash in the bag is going to be compacted more but a good stir every few min as thuges suggests will help.
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I think somebody up the thread has more or less suggested an answer, when the recirculation is started "Stir"! While "hands off" is a fine and Shiny Idea a couple of minutes with a large spoon may be just the thing.

I'll check the calculator, I'd be using it if I wasn't glued to a 7" tablet.

Thanks All aamcle
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I have, however I'll use a laptop next time I set up to brew. I find for general use the Nexus 7 tops it, the tablet's generally fantastic but hopeless with spread sheets.

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