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[MOD NOTE: I've copied Dudemandro's first post to this forum as there's a lot to cover. Immediately after his first post, I made some preliminary suggestions, however, as I'm unqualified in the electric area, I'll leave it up to you to ask for pics or any other relevant information.]

Hi all,

I enjoy home brewing and try and use the most easy and efficient way of brewing and BIAB has been perfect for me. I currently us an Anvil 7.5 gallon Boil kettle where I do my BIAB and I recently started using a HERMS coil that sits in a 4 gallon ss stock pot that's fitted with a 3500 watt electric heating element. I boil with 2000 watt induction plate. In conjunction with these I also use a plug and play auber PID controller to control mash temps and 1 small solar pump that's attached to the Anvils ball valve. I've always done biab and figured I could implement the ease of use in my current electric method. Since my foot print is small i normally do split a recipe but mash with more grain and tip up to 5 gallons. I have had a problem with efficiency doing it that way and have had problems with getting the correct numbers with no sparge . Any advice? I would also like to know if the biabacus would fit for my current system. Thanks!!


Oh by the way I'm in the military stationed overseas, married with a family and enjoy every minute of it.
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