Got my stock pot

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Just got my stock pot from empire supplies online and i am well happy.
Talk about a thick base :) 35x35cm internal and handles that can lift a full pot.
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It is nice.

From the other thread you had Hoover, I fear you are going to be drilling holes in that nice pot - don't!!!

A few days ago, I finally had the holes in my two kettles welded back up and closed. It is not an easy job, cost me AU$90 and they can only make one side look good.

Best thing I ever did though. I still have no idea why I drilled those holes :scratch:.
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Hoover, when you apply heat, there may be a lag in what Temp you measure in the stirred liquid as the thick kettle bottom absorbs some heat. Similarly, if you turn off the heat source, the Temp might continue to rise.while the thick bottom transfers more residual heat to the liquid. Watch for it and you will get a feel for how to compensate.

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Going to use the induction hobs temp setting and do a calibration run. Compare setting to actual temp, also have invested in a digital temp meter that can be calibrated.
The only hole i was thinking of drilling was a bottom ball valve.
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