The BIAB Calculator (Obsolete: See BIABacus Pre-Release below)

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Please note that over the last few years we have been developing a far more advanced spreadsheet called, "The BIABAcus." Registered users, not Newly registered users* can download a pre-release version of The BIABacus from the first post of the BIABacus Pre-Release - Your First Impressions thread.

[center]The Calculator (now replaced by The BIABacus - see above).[/center]

[Note that the attached spreadsheet has copyright. You are free to distribute the spreadsheet as long as you clearly hyperlink this post and include a comment similiar to, "The latest version of this spreadsheet/software can be found at this link." This way, all brewers will know where to access the most up to date version of the spreadsheet.]

The Calculator is a simple spreadsheet (metric only for now) that allows the brewer to easily do the following...

1. Determine how much water and grain to use with their brew kettle.
2. Scale the grain bill of an existing recipe to suit their own equipment.
3. Scale the hop bill* of an existing recipe to suit their own equipment.
4. Determine a variety of efficiency figures.
5. Start building a collection of figures.

The above will be explained more fully asap and some improvements will be made to the spreadsheet. For now, if you need any help using The Calculator, please ask any questions in and BIAB for Beginners or Measurement and Records.

[Bug: For zero minute hop additions, just type in 0.1 instead of 0. This and other, "divisible by zero," errors will be fixed when time is available.]

The following download of The Calculator is based on this recipe.

Download The Calculator here...
The Calculator.xls
ADMIN NOTE: The above was updated to the latest version of The Calculator on 31st March 2011 to improve bitterness calculations. (Previous downloads = 865.)

* You must make an introductory post in the My First Post! - Post here to become Fully Registered thread to be able to download files.
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