Coles ultra booster plus

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I use pbw to clean but know a lot of people use napisan to clean there gear. I have used napisan before but found this stuff and was wondering if anyone uses this as it was cheaper.
Its Coles ultra booster plus. Doesn't say anywhere That its scented but its gotta fairly strong smell.
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Coles ultra booster plus

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Hey Pat. It says active ingredient sodium percarbonate 346g/kg equivalent to 4% available oxygen. As I said it doesn't have anywhere that it's scented but It has a smell a lot stronger then napisan. The smell doesn't really smell like any particular flavor or fruit. It just stinks lol. Might just be a selling point? If it smells rough it must be a good cleaner haha.

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I use the IGA cheap brand and it works fine. Its 4% SP also. Look for the brands that are low allegenic, it just means they dont put any smelly stuff in em to make your clothes smell better.

$2.70 is very cheap, but ive been trying to boycott coles brand products and their evil empire :shoot:

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Sorry Kingy, I meant to reply here last week. Looks like you got sorted :peace:.

I think any of these types of things are fine as long as they are rinsed well with hot water etc. The most important thing is not to use them as a sanitiser. You really need a no-rinse sanitiser to follow up. This not only does the sanitising but also removes the film that any type of cleaner leaves.

As Aces said, that is cheap!

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Coles ultra booster plus

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Just an update on this, been using this Coles ultra booster without any problem at all. Even removes the faint wort smell from no chill cube that was still around when napisan was used.
And for the price $2.70 I'll continue to use this for a long time.
P.s i always follow up with starsan.
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