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It is a very tolerant cleaner in terms of materials/metals it can come in contact with, so you can, but you have to rinse with water after words. I believe it uses chlorine in addition to a peroxide. I use it for cleaning and always end up rinsing at least twice to flush the chlorine smell out. It recommends using hot water, but cold water works, you just have to do a more thorough rinse.
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I agree with SS that there is no problem with running PBW through your lines etc. The only problem with doing this is that any "detergent" by its very nature, clings to what it can. This, in brewing, often results in a layer of trapped baddies - can't remember the name.

To solve this problem, you need to follow any cleaner (such as PBW) through with an acid. This strips that layer off. Starsan foams but I can't see any worries with this in your keg system. I certainly do it!

I think it is very important not to forget the follow through with some sort of acid to avoid that detergent build-up.

Cheers hashie,
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I use it all the time for all my cleaning including beer lines. I let some run through the faucets for a few seconds then let it stand in the line for a few minutes, run it through some more, followed by a generous rinsing of warm water, then finally some star san to sanitize. It is really an excellent cleaner.

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I did a bit of an experiment with the PBW.

I flushed around 5 litres through my beer lines and pluto, then flushed with another 5 litres or so of plain water. Connected it to a fresh keg and pulled a beer. The beer had a decidedly soapy taste and the head lasted around 20 seconds before dissipating.
So I then made up 5 litres of Starsan, swished it around an empty keg for a while and then ran it through my beer lines and gun. Back onto the fresh keg of beer and what do you know, the beer poured just fine. Held it's head until the bottom of the glass and no soapy taste.

So if you use PBW to flush your beer lines, follow with a rinse with Starsan or similar.
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Thanks hashie, nice bit of info
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