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How do you guys clean, sanitize, and store your siphon hoses? I'm always a little nervous with mine when I can see moisture in them days after I've washed and/or rinsed them. I usually stick the whole hose in sanitizer right after I transfer wort or beer then I plunge the sanitizer with my autosiphon through it a number of times. I then whip the hose around in the air and hang it up to dry. On brew day, I do the same with my cleaning solution then again with my sanitizer just before I transfer. But still I see that moisture that sits in there for days....

Also how about 1/2" diameter hoses used for blowoff? Lots of crud in there. I try to get a drip loop in my blowoff so the crud can't go back into the fermenter but still...that crud is hard to get out. I soak them in oxiclean solution for a few days and run water through them pinching all along the length until it looks clean. But with all that crud in there to begin with...I wonder.
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I soak my hoses, both in cleaner and sanitizer, flush with hot water then hang on a hook from their mid point. They seem to drain and dry well that way
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I have a silicone hose for transferring hot wort to the no chill cube. This gets cleaned after transferring, and cleaned before brewing, both times with sodium pre-carbonate.

My vinyl hose for racking to secondary and keg, gets soaked in cleaning solution the day before. Then when I fill my secondary up with idophor to sanitize, I firstly rinse the tube then hook the hose up to the tap and drain the idophor out through to a small bucket and into a spray bottle. I then submerge the hose in the bucket until I rack which is usually about 10 or so minutes. I think I will replace it every 5 or so brews.
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