Heavy alcohol smell coming from Secondary

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So I brewed an AG APA about 2.5-3 weeks ago. OG 1.052 and after the Kreuzen had disappeared I checked the gravity and it was at roughly 1.013. I checked it two days later and it was the same. I was unsure if I should bottle it or transfer it to secondary so I transferred it hoping to get rid of most of the yeast and avoid getting it in the bottles. I closed the lid tightly on the bucket, but not to the point of being air tight, I think. I opened the lid a day or so later with the plan to just set the lid on the bucket loosely, again worrying I might mess this batch up. I couldn't resist smelling the beer and I found that it had a hot/alcohol smell to it. It's now been in the secondary for about 5 days and the smell is still there but not quite as strong.
Is this something I should worry about? I was quite careful with my sanitation, I cleaned the secondary bucket and used star-san to sanitize it...

Thanks in advance!

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I have found that a lot of times beer that did not have a strong alcohol smell by the time it made to my glass, did have sort of a "nose stingy" smell when in the fermenter. Maybe it's just the concentration of 5 gallons all right there at the same time that gives it that extra sting.

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It sounds normal DigB - Some brews are different to others, but as long as there is no infection you may find it just needs a little conditioning. :luck:
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See! You did well. No worries. The hardest part of brewing is waiting for the beer to mature. Always have a pipeline going so it doesn't seem to take that long? Something is always ready to try!
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