Fermenting at too low a temp?

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Its getting cold now, overnight will reguarly below 0 degrees soon

If im not mitaken US-05 should ferment around 18 degrees for ales

1. What effect will the temp have on my ales if the temp of the wort drops to about 14-15 degrees?
2. Should i be considering heating options? (will leave the debate about heating options for another thread ;) )

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Firstly I'm no US-05 expert, however it should continue to ferment at the lower temps, just slower and more likely to stall, but should be even 'cleaner' in the ester department (if US-05 can get much cleaner?).

The thing that would worry me though is not so much the low temperatures, but the fluctuations. Inside a dead fridge it will be OK (I know it is), outside, less likely to remain stable and potentially more problematic.

I've heard of experiments with Nottingham and similar yeasts at lower temps for a 'faux lager', I'd expect that US-05 would do much the same, so I'd certainly try it.
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Agree with Ralph, give it a go and see what happens.

I have successfully fermented with Nottingham as low as 10C (started fermenting at 16c then dropped to 10c over the next 24 hours). Sure it takes a few extra days to attenuate, but a very nice, clean drinking beer in the end.
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Yeah US-05 is pretty tolerant. I'm pretty sure it even says on the pack it can go from 15 - 24?? I imagine it would just be a lot slower of a process, but should still have the same end result.
Experiment and let us know :D
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I often purposely ferment US-05 at 15 degrees if I want a cleaner / more neutral beer. It is no problem at all. It's a pretty neutral and clean yeast anyway. Go for it RL ;).
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15-24C is the advertised temps range. I haven't used US-05 much, but of the 6 times I have 3 of them were fermented at 15C.

The other 3 times I pitched at 20C and it got as high as 23C. The lower temps are cleaner, but I have to say the hotter temps do pretty good also.
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