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After primary fermentation is complete and the young ale is removed from the fermentation chamber where it was held at fermentatin temperature, what is the best temp to store the ale at? is is okay to let it warm up to normal room temperature or should it be kept at a cooler temperature? I have no way to really keep ales at a lower temp, I have a chest freezer set up with a STC-1000 controller but I maintain the temp in it at 34 deg. F

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What are you storing it in? Is it bottled or kegged and if so have you primed it?

General opinion is that if you have primed it in whatever container you intend serving from you should give it a couple of weeks around 20C to allow for the carbonation to occur and then store at a cooler temperature to condition.

Having said this, beer is fairly forgiving so you could store at room temperature and only cool/chill prior to serving. This will shorten its shelf life to a degree but if you plan on drinking it within the next few months you should be ok.
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Thank you for the reply, I guess more what I was thinking is do I need to let beer age in the PV after the fermentation has completed or do I go right to packaging. I hate to leave it in the ferment chamber longer than needed as I would like to brew another beer that will need its space.

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Ok, I'm with you now. It's best to keep the temperature high enough to allow the yeast to continue working as they will clean up some of the unwanted byproducts of fermentation. What temperature are you thinking of storing it at?
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I was thinking that once the fermentation has started to wind down I could remove the carboy from my temperature controlled area and just leave it at room temp, my home has A/C and we typically keep the temp at around 72 deg. F.

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That temperature will be fine to keep the beer at until you are ready to package it. Keep the lid closed to avoid nasties from falling in, there should already be a layer of CO2 sitting on top of the beer to avoid any possibility of oxidation. If you are using a glass carboy you should keep it in the dark. A black refuse sack placed over it will help achieve this. Then you can get on with your next brew!
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