Cool Brewing fermentation bag – buy in Australia

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Hi everyone, firstly I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find anything about it.

I'm looking to buy a Cool Brewing bag so I can brew over summer:

Anyone know where I can get one in Australia?

All the stores I can find it are US based and the postage costs more than the product!

Or any other alternatives similar to it?

I'm aware of DIY swamp coolers etc, but I really like the look of this cooler, and it's got good reviews.

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This is a new Product.

I use the Blue Ice packs in a Round Cooler(Eski in Aussieland????)

The Insulated bag is not as good as a Cooler, but, it is lighter and folds for Storage.
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How come you only used it once? No good?

Thanks Joshua, yeah I might go down the esky route, but I thought the bag might be more efficient because it's totally enclosed. My fermenter would stick up over the esky sides, so wouldn't be able to enclose it...
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