Temp spike on third day

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My dorm fridge fermentation unit sits in the garage. We had painters doing some work at the house,
so naturally they unplugged my unit rather than the boom box next to it. I don't know when
this happened, I'm gonna guess about 9am on Tuesday, and at 7am on Wednesday I noticed and
hustled to plug it back in. My STC unit indicated that the temp inside was 29C.

Do you think it is ruined? The unit is laboring to get the wort back down to the 18C
that I had it set for, but the thermal mass of five gallons in the brew bucket is going
to take a while. I'm pondering taking a reading tomorrow morning, both to check the
FG and to see if there are funky smells in the bucket.

This is a Blonde Ale in the bucket. Guess the Saison would have been a better choice for
this particular brew day.

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soccerdad... sorry nobody has answered you on this post. This might not end up being your best effort but I suggest you let it run out its fermentation. You are already 10 days in. If you havent already dumped it, take a gravity reading and taste. If the fermentation is free from contamination, maybe you'll learn something aboit this yeast at that temp. I suspect you'll get some spicy clove and big estery notes but lets see.

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I bet it will be just fine, maybe a touch fruitier then normal but otherwise I doubt it will have much off flavour. Let us know how it turns out!
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So I bottled this brew a week ago. After bottling, I sampled the beer just to
see what flavors and tastes might be within. There was a huge whang to the brew,
a little sour and a little citrusy. I already had it bottled, and I'm notoriously
frugal (ok, cheap is a better word) so I decided to bottle condition a little while
and see what happened.

This past weekend took a 12 oz bottle out and chilled it for 6 hours. Poured it up
and was really surprised that it tasted exactly like I would think a blonde ale
should taste. To make sure I wasn't pulling my own leg, I asked my wife to sample.
Now, (I'm ashamed to admit) she's really not much of a beer drinker, her tastes run
to wine, and the occasional Coors Light while on the beach, so I was thinking that
if there were any off flavors in there, she'd spew the stuff right back in the glass.
She tested it, had another sip, and proclaimed that she'd drink that brew anytime.

So, I guess the point here is, even if all indications are that a particular brew
has gone south, bottle it, let it condition and see what happens?

Color me happy.

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SoccerFan, I have had a few batches, that were very good tasting after the fermentation.

But,Six weeks later the Batch was half way to Malt(and Hops) Vinegar.

I poured them Into and old Bucket and let it sit, and in two weeks, It was a very tasty Vinegar.
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