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I used to ferment in a plastic bucket but for awhile I have preferred a glass carboy. I have used a funnel to transfer the cooled wort from the brew pot to the carboy and I pass it through a mesh strainer to catch some of the trub.

I have seen a lot of people talk about using a siphon to transfer the wort. I have heard about risks from aerating wort that is still too warm but are there other issues I should be concerned about?

I should note that my beers have had good flavor and I haven't seen any issue to this point. Always trying to learn and improve my process if I can.

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Mad_Scientist wrote:If you are okay with lifting your brew pot, that will work for you, just be careful with your back.

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Well that is a good point I didn't think about. I'm working on a smaller scale getting around 3 gallons into the fermenter. It's a perk so I can brew more often for practice and I like variety. Now also the fact that I can lift and pour it.
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What MS said ^. If it's cooled, dump it straight out of the brew pot and let it splash to get good and aerated before pitching the yeast. (I believe that the whole "hot side aeration" thing is a myth but have not conducted any experimentation to prove it)

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Not exactly experiment material, but I have used my siphon with 1/2" OD silicon hose to transfer hot wort into a cube many times with no ill effects. I forget the transfer rate, I think it's like 1 gallon/3.78L per 30-40 seconds.
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Yep, the Silicon Hose is great, just use gloves to control it.

Hot Side Aeration is a Myth!, You will collect MUCH more air into Hot Wort than Cold(which is what we need).

The time it takes for the Wort to Cool, will not Oxidize the wort, Unless you cooling over 2 weeks, and continuously bubbling air into the Wort.
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