Possible contamination? Yes or no?

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Hello everyone, I've found this on secondary while I transferring to my bottling bucket.

Notice the white spots on the krausen collar and the little "oil" stains on beer.
I tasted the beer 3 days prior to bottling and it tasted and smelled great.

For the record, this batch of IPA had 100 grams of pellet hops used in dry hopping for about 10 days.

Should I worry?

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Hi Frkleal.

If you've followed good sanitation, at this point I would just "go with it"... My opinion. :think: Provided it tastes okay when bottling it. And it likely is okay... I sometimes get different looking rings or things in the beer during fermentation caused by different yeast activity. And different yeasts can look a little different in the fermenter (similar though, normally).

ADDITIONAL - And you didn't ask this, but it might be a help:
I personally do not use a secondary. In my opinion, it is not needed. I used to do it as I thought it would produce clearer beer, helping to get the "trub" out. For the slight bit it may have helped with that it increases potential to get contamination or infection, every time you rack from one thing to the next. If you are able to Cold Crash - that is an incredible help with dropping yeast and things in the beer to the bottom. And again this next one only works well if you can chill your beer but using a small amount of gelatin helps to clear it up nicely too. (See Brulosophy Blog Link: http://brulosophy.com/2015/01/05/the-ge" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; ... t-results/). I believe these tricks to be far better than using a secondary and lower risk of infection.

Hope this helps!
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I haven't had any white dots before so I can't comment on them. The oily looking bit I've had many times. I've never had a problem and think that it may be hop oils floating on top.
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Possible contamination? Yes or no?

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Thanks everyone!
Scott, I think I've might made a little confusion with the terms in English...
I don't transfer to a secondary bucket either, I do it exactly as you said, just without the gelatin. What I meant is that I found this little white spots after the secondary fermentation.

Kind regards

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Well at this point the investment in your beer has been made. Difficult to get a good feel by looking at the pictures...not real clear on the white dots. It's probably fine. No reason to throw the beer out unless tastes nasty when racking to bottles.
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This is from this morning, Pilsner after 2 days in the fermenter. Lots of "white stuff" on top. There is no problem, but thought of your post.
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