Too much sediment?

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Hi all
I did my first biab last Friday, using no chill to cool and started fermentation on Saturday night. Looking at the fermenter today and there seems to be a huge amount of cloudiness/sediment at the bottom. It's not overly visible on the picture, but it goes up just past the 5ltr mark and covers the tap. Is this normal at this stage of fermentation? Will it settle down or do i need to transfer to a secondary fermenter and try to lose of the sediment?
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First a question - is it an ale or a lager you have going?
If it is an ale that should be fermenting on top with a layer of floating tan goo that may or may not be detected through the bucket wall, then that looks like a lot of volume at the bottom for trub. Do not worry, it might compact in the next several days. Then, after a full week or more in the primary, the ale yeast should fall from the top to the bottom, compact it a bit more and you can rack the liquid to a secondary fermenter and eliminate much of the trub by not transferring it. Don't worry if you happen to transfer some to the secondary as it will again settle out. You will finally leave it behind when you package. If the liquid (still beer) is cloudy at that time, you can cold-crash to encourage solids to precipitate out. I am of the school that believes trub is not harmful to ales.
If it is a lager that is fermenting on the bottom (as it should), I hope you will hear from someone who can assure you that a vigorous bottom fermentation is continuously re-suspending particles and they will settle out eventually. I have made only one lager and am not an authority on that prospect.
Either way, patience will win for you. Relax, have a beer.

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Hi thanks for the reply. It is an ale. Hopefully then it will compact over the next few days or so. As this is my first attempt at all grain biab, I'll be quite happy just to produce something that is drinkable!

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Did you transfer everything from the kettle or did you rack the wort off of the sediment in the kettle?
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