Fermenting in the Kettle

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Hi, I know this was discussed in this post


But that was 4 years ago, I was wondering if anyone had looked into it since then.

I was brewing a Hobgoblin clone (one of my favourite recipes) this weekend and my fermenter started to leak, so I transferred the wort back into the kettle and added yeast.

All seems to be going well.

I was just wonder given the recent rise in 'All in ones' like the Grainfather & Robo brew, if anyone was doing it on a regular basis?

I never Whirlpool, no point as I dump the entire contents of the kettle into the fermenter and use abhop sock.
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Re: Fermenting in the Kettle

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Hey there Yetti :salute:

Just a quick clarification though you might already know this, The Grainfather's and Robobrew's don't ferment in the kettle itself, they are just used to make the wort.

I think the answer to your question is going to be if you like the resulting beer.

From a technical point of view, fermenting with a heap of trub is not regarded as best practice. If you are already doing this in a fermenter, I can't see much difference between doing it in the kettle besides increased headspace and the fermenting wort being in contact with "debris" on the side of the kettle that collects during the boil.

You're not scared to give it a crack so why not?

I suppose the things to be wary of, even if you don't notice any difference are:

1. It might work well for you on one beer style but not at all well on another.
2. Other people might pick up faults that you won't (or vice versa).

Let us know what you decide mate ;)
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