Newbie Fermentation question.

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Hello i am new to the world of brewing and I recently bought ingredients to clone my favorite brew (Barking Squirrel Lager). Being a newbie i never realized how cold lagers have to ferment. My question is how warm can saflager w34/70 yeast ferment. The coldest spot in my house is in my crawlspace (cement floor) 17C or 62.6F(spring). Do you think this would be cold enough? Also the recipe calls for 7days primary and 30 days secondary would this change with the warmer temps? My plan was to keep it in the primary for the duration what are your thoughts??
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Re: Newbie Fermentation question.

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I would not try it. Lagers are more of an advanced brew and you really need to be able to control your fermentation temperatures. The yeast will probably do some kind of fermentation at 17 but it won't be very good. The yeast will be stressed and give you off flavors.
What you could do is get a clean ale yeast like safale us05 and use it. Ferment that at 17 for around 10-14 days and you should have something tasty.
Also trý and post up a biabacus file with rhw recipe and your kettle dimensions and we'll help you have the best brewday possible.
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Re: Newbie Fermentation question.

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The advice given by Lumpy and MS was good, as lower to mid 60F range is normal ale temperature range. And I brew lots of lagers, almost always fermenting temperature controlled at 50 deg F.

HOWEVER...Marshall from does lots of brewing experiments. And one of his recent "exbeeriments" was using that same Yeast you wanted to use at higher and lower temperatures. And he reported that people could not reliably distinguish the finished beers apart. It's an interesting read. I have not done this myself yet, but based on that would give it a shot.

Link: ... t-results/

If possible, try to keep your fermentation temperature CONSISTENT. If you had room to place the fermenter in a garbage can with keep fermentation temperature consistent. In a crawlspace you may not have enough room for that. Old blanket or two, maybe. (?)

And as others have said, I also wouldn't be concerned with leaving it in the primary the entire 3 weeks. Do that myself. (Don't even use a secondary).

So if you want to try brewing a Lager, I would give it a shot. And please - let us know how it goes! :luck:
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