Bottle storage options.

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As a bottler I'm limited for places which are reasonably temperature stable to store my bottles. My best option is the spare room in my shed. I'm done with ill-fitting cardboard boxes and only use them now for empties.
Not sure which site I saw this, but someone (not me) as usual has done the hard thinking (definitely not me) in this field and come up with this absolute pearler of an idea. My local 2nd hand place has heaps of them at $20-$80 each depending on their condition
My filing skills are average at the best of times so I put a removable brew detail sticker on each drawer which fits just over 24 X 750mL bottles each. I usually get 24 bottles each brew so it's a dedicated drawer. Could be more stylish with a paint job, but I'm all about practicality this week so I won't worry.
As you can see, some drawers are fuller than others, and I'm still struggling to make enough stock with one completely empty.
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