Replaceing bottling bucket

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Hey everybody.
Im looking into replacing all my bottling stuff and was wondering if someone might be able to answer a question for me. All of the buckets I've found recently have been 20L size. Except one that my butcher hooked me up with, the thing is it previously contained "hog casings". After an oxyclean soak and a good Starsanning, is this bucket going to be alright to use for bottling? Any body have any ideas about this?


Re: Replaceing bottling bucket

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There may be a reason for a delay in the community here answering your question. :think:

Perhaps there is a lack of enthusiasm for consuming beer that fermented in a hog casing bucket for several days. It may be only a small difference between that and bacon flavored beer, but I would not walk across the street to get a free glass of beer from that bucket no matter how clean you made it. :whistle:

Well, that’s just one opinion. Perhaps the hog casing food-grade bucket is smooth and clean inside and completely sanitised with the best of cleansers and techniques. Even the lid and gasket could be so cleansed. It might work perfectly, just don’t tell anybody. Ever. :pray:
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