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I have recently come across the carbonator cap for carbonating plastic bottles. Does anyone know if these fit on the tap a draft bottles. I believe they are 6 liter bottles but the opening is slightly larger than a standard two liter bottle. I did some google searching but found only answers saying it fits on two liters.

Thanks in advance

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I have 2 Carbonators that I use on two liter (and smaller) bottles. I don't think you can use them on draft bottles here is the website for them:
The website was under construction when I copied the link. January 25th 2011. I had a carbonator that had a crack in it and they replaced it no questions asked. They work well but they cost to much to do less than a two liter bottle.
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tap a draft is the size like on large gallon jugs of apple cider and things.. over 38mm threads. it only works on 1L, 2L, 3L, and all the various water bottle sizes including the brown plastic beer bottles.
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