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they look cool... :thumbs:

i use pets ,heres a tip for ya,
fill with beer and carbonating sugar,
then store then upside down in crates while they condition,

all of the sediment settles into the plastic cap,
then when ready for drinking,
hold them over a sink upside down and crack the lid open and all of the gunk is pushed out,[only an egg cup full of beer is lost]
tip the bottle back up right,
remove the top and wash any yeast off and your good to go with crystal clear beer... :party:

ive been doing this for a year and it works every time..... :clap:

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I think they would work for beer Yeasty but by the time I had set it up, I think I and my fellow brewers might have drunk most of the bottle :think:. So, a fascinating find but I'm not sure of how practical for the likes of us :lol:.
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Yeasty wrote:Just emailed Coca Cola and asked them to start making 19litre bottles. ;)
well, these are not far off:" onclick=";return false;
some micro breweries around here are looking into using them.
a bit pricey for the home brewer.
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Intersting thing with the keykeg is that the air pressure can be used to dispense with no spoiling, which also means the brewery can control the carbonation. This also means you can draught dispense flat beverages, like British ale ;)

Also see for more mundane one way kegs
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