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Thanks for that Joshua (welcome back too).

This should probably go in a new thread about dechlorination but the Vit C idea sounds interesting.
You could have beer that has been de-chlorinated and treat scurvy too!

Todd - I'll package a bottle of it up for Bob but tell him it is hop essence or something. :lol:
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I had the same thought. I used to have an aquarium, and am very familiar with the product. I'll let somebody else try it first though!

Today is bottling day. Based on prior feedback from everybody I'll replace all bottling equipment (except bottles) beforehand. We'll see what happens. If nothing else, I can rule it out.

I'll bring a sample of the poison to the shop. Taste is worth 10,000 words.

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How do you mix your Starsan? I believe that Ive had Starsan become less effective due to mixing accidently with my tap water that is quite alkaline. Starsan mix was cloudy from the start. It should be clear.

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Hmmm. I mix it with my tap water, and I have NEVER seen it clear. Another suspect! Of course since I've always mixed it like that I probably would have experienced this sooner. Looks like I can learn something here. You use bottled water to mix?
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