Alcohol addition?

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I tried a fat yak clone.

About 4kg main grain, 1 Kg of Specialty. My og was 1. 04 where it Should have been 1. 050 Vicinity.

I have a few inklings as to where to fix this in the future, main Culprit is that the difference is the difference if I excluded Specialty grains, Ididn't even look, went straight into kettle, I Suspect it wasn't / inadequately milled.

Without enough maIt to start with, there are a few issues that I will just have to deal with until I improve with the next brew.

However, One of those issues will be the alcohol by Volume. I was pondering the addition of raw spirit (carefully measured), not Wanting to replace a problem wilh a new problem though.

what are peoples thoughts on artificially raising alcohol by volume?
What are peoples Thoughts on the Calculation of the difference in Volume of alcohol and raising, it with the addition of spirit?

I'm not a fan of low alcohol / midstrength beers. Equally, replacing problem A with problem B is ridiculous.

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If you like 8% to 11% ABV, why not Brew a "Barley Wine"??

Or if you like 10% to 13% ABV, Maybe Consider making Wine from Fruit Or Sugar(Sucrose, or Corn Sugar, or Agave Sugar)????
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Don't add alcohol, I'm thinking it will make things worse. Chalk it up as a learning experience, serve it to your friends as a session beer, and brew a stronger batch next time.

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Thanks Joshua and Thughes

In the clear light of day and having a drink of it, while it is light, it is quite a refreshing drop. First time that I've used the hop Nelson Sauvin and it's quite a unique little critter.

Better yet, while hops are around the $70/kg to $80/kg mark here, they were on sale at $35/kg (grain and grape if you live in Oz) and demanded to be played with. I gather, there had been big brewery orders in recent years, coupled with more and more plantings to accomdodate, now there is a tad of oversupply and they are priced accordingly - my info might be wrong though.

It's mid winter, so while I have a light and refreshing drink at the moment, it's mid winter here with frost this morning, I will correct this batch to something with more body for the next batch as befits the season.

Josh, I was tiddly at the time of the op. Trying to do it in the phone instead of the computer, so spending more time overcoming fat finger syndrome than concentrating on the content. Basically, I was looking to pump up this brew from 4% to 5%, Thughes was absolutely right in not fixing a problem by introducing new ones, so chalked up to experience.

But, with the Barley wine... We don't drink them here in Oz, you'd be really hard pressed to find them anywhere. My first encounter was only a few weeks ago when I was in the states on a holiday. I'm interested in them now, whereas they never registered a blip on my horizon before. Won't be for a long time, but I will start fiddling around with barley wine sometime to see what makes them tick.

Cheers :drink:
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