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Good Day,

To show some Ideas, Experiments, and Results, related to Mashing

Please see.. ... of_Mashing for "The Theory of Mashing"

And a link to the experiments.. ... on_mashing

And the Results of Mash Time Dependency of Wort Fermentability at ... entability.

I hope this can start clearing the Muddy waters...
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Braukaiser is a great site, I love the thinking there and have learned a lot from it. There are quite a few problems though...

The site is nicely illustrated, looks very scientific and the questions being asked are great ones. There is a big problem in the data collected and I'm pretty sure that Kai would agree. These experiments were 'singles'. They were not repeated time and time again - just once. A single experiment, well-conducted and well-written is excellent but it can't be taken as Gospel. For example, one thing we are exploring on this site is how SMS (single mash and sparge brewing) times affect gravity. We already know, for sure, due to a lot of people contributing numbers, that, on most grain bills, time makes a difference but, on a very few, it is not as critical. If another brewer does one experiment on one grain bill, no matter how well conducted, the results can't tell us that much.

Or, is my thinking wrong here?

If anyone has the time to study Braukaiser and report back, I would love to know if I have missed something in this area.

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Pat, those who have not learned mashing, this is a good Example of what it means.

How many trials preformed is an important question.

There a have only been a few of our Members that have Mashed for a LONG time, and measured the Gravity, only Todd Hughes posted mash data to 106 minutes.

It does Show, the Gravity is mostly Finished between 60 and 90 minutes, and that after 90minutes the mash is still going, and while Gravity does not Increase, the fermentability does.
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