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Just a quick question about when should I add my french press hop liquid to my FV.
Most people say to add near the end of frem. so the yeast can clean up the grassy tastes.
But how close to the end of frem.
Starting OG was 1.044 now at 1.020 wasjust wondering at what grav. should I add it.
Just out of intrest I will be adding 26gm of simcoe in 250ml press and add then repress another 250 mls and add.


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What grassy taste? The expression referring to grassy taste refers to using whole hops in wet hopping. Wet hopping is when you pick fresh hops and just throw them into a secondary for a week or two. This may induce a grassy taste that is expected and is required in some beers. If you are using a french press with pelleted hops than you don't have to worry about "grassiness". I add it at bottling, kegging or per glass!

Follow this link to see how I extract hoppiness in a french press http://www.stempski.com/hop_vodka.php
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I think you could add it now. How is simcoe for flavour and aroma?

I have used it only as a bittering hop but the smell is quite good when I add it to the boil. I have been thinking of trying it for flavour.
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