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Anyone on here with young kids and family may also share the issue I have with the time it takes to brew. Working during the week leaves pretty much only a day at the weekend and this results in "issues" with the family. One option I have seen muted is splitting brew day overnight and wanted to run a potential solution by some experienced brewers.

I only have a small vessel (approx 26 litres) so use maxi-BIAB approach. I'm thinking on an evening (once kids put in bed) get the mash done and sparge in my fermenting bucket. Leave this overnight and then start the boil early in the morning. I do no chill so I reckon that I'm looking at two, 2 hour sessions.

Can anyone think of any nasties that could effect the brew by leaving overnight or will the boil sort all this out?

My marriage and kids interaction with there father depends on it :lol:
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I'm not 100% on this one and I'm sure someone has done it so you may get a better answer.

My thinking is as your mash is over 60c you have effectively pasturised your wort, so if your clean/sanatised with your sparge and overnight storage methods you should be ok for an early morning boil. You could do a mash out at 76c to be extra sure.



PS....... Once you've gained a few years and your kids are in there teens no one will care what you do on a weekend and you'll be able to brew as much as you like :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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I feel your pain Telford :lol:
I am in a similar situation, work and family take up 110% of my time too.
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Brewing takes a lot of time, but it does not take a lot of our time.

Get organised and it gets easy. I spend, maybe, an hour total on a brew day doing brew stuff. the rest of my time is doing other things while the heat, grain, water and the hops do their thing.
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