First BIAB/AG Recipe Creation - Rye Pale Ale

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Hi Everyone,

I've recently made the jump from extract to all grain. I'm going to be doing the BIAB way, and decided to start it right off with making my own recipe. I'm going for a crisp, piney/citrus beer with a pleasant aroma. I've typed up a text version of the recipe, but also added the BIABcus attachment. Its a little confusing, so if someone could double check that to make sure that is right, it'd be much appreciated.

Recipe Type: All Grain
Style: Rye Pale Ale
Yeast: Wyeast Labs #1056
Batch Size (Gallons): 5.5
Est. Original Gravity: 1.050
Est. IBU: 40.3
Boiling Time (Minutes): 60

Grain Bill:
8.4bs Pale Malt (2-Row) - 63.8%
2.2lbs Vienna Malt - 17.0%
1.7lbs Rye Malt - 12.8%
0.85lbs Crystal Malt 20L - 6.4%

11.4g Nuggest @ 60min
14.2g Chinook & 14.2g Simcoe @ 15min
42.5g Simcoe & 21.3g Citra @ 0min

I'm going to dry hop with chinook after primary.
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Sorry no one has responded yet there Karch.

Did you end up brewing this already?

You are missing an important bit is Section D. Do you have any idea what IBU you are looking to hit? Enter that in and then it will tell you the amount of hops to use. Did you already buy those hops with those rated AA%, if not, enter the AA% that is listed on the packet you have on the substitution side.

In Section C, remove the 2nd entry of the OG.

Please let us know how that comes out in the end. I'm interested to use Rye somewhen in the future.

Brewing with MS;
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Mad_Scientist wrote:Sorry no one has responded yet there Karch.
Not sure how you slipped through the net Karch :(. Hope you have been getting by okay without us :?.

Great job on your file. Besides MS's note, only things I'd like to see are changing boil and mash times to 90 minutes, and, in Section W, I would not over-ride the evaporation default. Evaporation changes from day to day and the default will tend to keep you in 'safe' territory.

Was chatting with BobBrews and James Spencer the other day and James has done a heap of beers with rye. He was even drinking a 2.5% ABV 'American Pale Ale' made from 50% rye and 50% wheat :shock:. It looked fantastic! He's had great success using rye to add body to beers.

Let's hope we haven't lost you Karch as I'd enjoy hearing how you go with this brew.

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Thanks for the replies. I haven't brewed this, yet. I was planning on doing it this weekend. I'll make the adjustments listed above and let everyone know how it turns out.


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I ended up brewing this beer this past weekend. It turned out pretty good for my first AG, but I think I may have overshot my efficiency by getting higher than expected OG.

Pre-boil SG: 1.052
Measured OG: 1.066

My estimated OG was 1.060. Is that an issue? Should I top up in the future to fix that? Does anyone have any insights into correcting efficiency calculations?

Thanks! Pics below!
All mashed in
Heating up for the boil
A couple of hours post-brew
About 24 hours after brewing (I've never had krausen like that!)

I'll post again in a couple of weeks when I dry hop or at latest, when I'm sipping this thing.
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We can't really tell about your gravities without mentioning volumes.
Did you have less volume than expected?

Wow, is that 3 gallons of trub?!!!!
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I think my volumes were pretty spot on. Estimated pre-boil was 7.49, I had 7.4. Est. final volume was 5.5 and I had just about that as well.

Yeah, looks like a lot of trub. I'm hoping it settles down really tightly, don't wanna lose that much beer. I'm deffo gonna use some sort of strainer/filter next time for those hop pellets.

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Its the 15 gallon, single coupler one. I like it a lot. Real sturdy and super sharp looking. Only thing is that the lid doesn't have a snug fit, but that's not really a concern with brewing.

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If your volumes were good then you are on the right side of the gravities. The biabacus tries to err on the heavy side. You could dilute with good water if you wanted to. It is far better to have that option than to try and make up gravity points.
To help reduce the amount of trub you could use your bag to hold the hops in the boil. Pull and empty the bag after the mash and reuse it as a hop sock. Another thing you could do would be to get a siphon and drain the wort off of the trub to help keep it from getting into the carboy.
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I transferred this into a secondary yesterday to help clear it up (still pretty hazey) and dry hop it.

It fermented down to 1.01 giving it an abv of 7.35%. It tasted really good, more citrusy and floral than I was expecting. I'll pull out the hops in a couple of days and let it settle some more before bottling.

Will update again at bottling or when I pop one open.
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