English style ale - some input would be appreciated

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Dear all,

I would like try an english style ale, and was wondering about the following recepie listed below. What are your opinions, would it be OK or should I change something? I am still pretty new to brewing so I hope you can set me straight.

IBU: 39.5
OG: 1.043
VIF: 13 L

1. Grain Bill
Inspired by special bitter recepie by natept: http://biabrewer.info/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1391

Pale Ale Malt 86.9%
Dark Crystal Malt 5.4%
Brown Malt 2.7%
Wheat Malt 5%

2474 g total

Wheat malt is for head retention. I have some munich malt I can throw in also, what do you think?

2. Mash
Mash at 66 °C for 90 min

3. Hop Schedule

I have some Northdown (whole leaf) in the freezer I would like to utilize:

Name Time AA% Weight (g) IBU
Magnum (FWH) 90 12.7 7.3 18.6
Northdown 45 9 11.4 16
Northdown 5 9 11.4 3.6
Northdown 1 9 22.7 1.5

I have some Saaz pellets also, would it be good to dry hop/whirlpool with?

4. Fermentation
Nottingham or Windsor, haven't decided.

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Have a crack at inputting this into a Biabacus sheet. We can help out if you run into trouble.
Personally I wouldn't use the sazz hops. The magnums are a pretty clean bitterness that won't get in the way of the Northdown aroma. I think I would want to just keep that aroma and not muddle it with the sazz.
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Hi Kangarooster,

I have "Brew Your Own British Real Ale", by Graham Wheeler, and have found it very useful. Lots of nice recipes to choose from.

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