First AG Smash. (well nearly)

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I want my first brew to be around 4.5 to 5.0.
23 litres in fv
90% maris otter
10% crystal (ebc 150 -170)
Cascade aroma (teabag 25gms) in mash
Plus citra 13.5% aa at 2 points ( 50 mins and 15mins)
Question is how many kilos for grain bill?
I tried biabicus and got confused lol but getting there

I am doing my first wet run next week so i know boil off and to check equipment

I am getting there slowly :lol:
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It would be best if you take a shot at biabicus and post it so we can better understand what you are trying to do...
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Dave, your best bet is to tell us what sort of beer style you want to brew and we will then tell you exactly how to do it. Could anyone ask for more than that?

You have some info above but there's stuff that is really wrong. Aroma hops don't go in the mash for example. And, you shouldn't be using a teabag of hops when all-grain brewing. And, you don't need to do a wet-run.

You could post what you have above on another site and get a heap of answers. If you want the right answers, then you are going to have to make a decision on which site and whose advice you wish to follow, support that site and study the answers carefully, not skim them. I suspect you are reading way too much in a lot of different places and ending up with a total mishmash of advice/information most of which will be of very low quality.

That, is a very easy trap to fall into and is something that any of us here can do anything/little about.
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I'll point out the first glaring mistake. A "SMASH" beer is one made with a Single Malt And Single Hop.
So like Pistol has said what kind of beer do you want to make? We'll get you there.
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Yep noticed that when i posted it, aiming for an english bitter hence the crystal. Only chucking the cascade teabag in because its there, !ayjust use citra all through. Making chiller later in week.wet test tomorrow

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Hoover - GIGO = garbage in, garbage out, whether it is data or ingredients or both.
Lumpy noted above correctly that your post referring to a SMASH is misleading, and now it is an English bitter. Once you fill out the BIABacus with your recipe in the left columns, you have to commit to purchasing AND USIING the values to the right of those. Otherwise you are not following a recipe at all. Seat-of-the-pants brewing is a possible method for other forums, it is not what this place is about. Read up on "recipe integrity."
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First AG Smash. (well nearly)

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For your first brew why don't you actually do a SMASH? If you have Maris otter and citra you can make a tasty beer.

How much grain you need really depends on how much wort you are making.

The biabacus looks complex but there are really only a few fields that need to be completed to get started. Measure your pot and add the dimensions. Add in the desired volume into fermenter and the target OG. For what you want 1.045 is a good starting place.

With the grains just put Maria otter and 100. In those field you can either put weight in grams or a percentage and it will calculate how much you need.

With the hops work out how many IBUs you are aiming for. 30 is a good jumping off point and aim to get 15 from a 60 minute addition and 15 from a 10 minute addition.

Mash at 65C for 90 minutes and boil for 60-90 minutes. 90 is considered best practice but 60 is ok.

And there you have it. You've made wort and yeast can do its magic and make beer!
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