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HI i'm making a saison with only maris otter to end it. I dont understand why in biabacus on the section packaging there is a warning about priming. It's the first the happens to me, what could be?
Some suggestion on temperature for MJ m29 french saison?
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Sorry [mention]gonzo^^[/mention] , looks like you slipped through the cracks there. Just had a look at the underlying formula that triggered that warning and it's triggered if priming is done at over 25°C or if over 3.5 Volumes of CO2 are entered. I'd have to think it through a bit more but I'd say that the idea behind it was to make sure bottle bombs weren't going to be produced :)

The warning probably needs a bit of updating. Thanks for bringing it up. Good question and sorry we didn't get to you earlier.

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