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I was trying to replace the high gauge on my regulator, I was unsuccessful and in doing so broke my low pressure gauge. So I now have new low pressure and high pressure gauges, but still cannot get the broken ones off the regulator. Any advice out there on a technique, or tool used to get those SOBs off?

Yes I know they are right threaded. ;)


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Here is a picture of my regulator, both gauges currently attached to the regulator need to be replaced. They are both screwed in very tightly. It doesn't look like a broken bolt extractor would work here. :scratch: I guess your supposed to use a wrench to grip the squared ends at the bottom of the gauge, but it is very hard to get a wrench in between the regulator and the gauge to get a grip.
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JRodie, The release Tab on the emergency blow-off valve has a pin that can be pushed out and the tab can be removed.

Then with a Socket, you should be able to remove the Blow off valve.

Then Working from the Front and rear(Not the sides), a normal Open end wrench should fit fine.

Getting those Buggers loose, will be a challenge.

Re-assemble the gauges first, then the Blow Off Valve.

Hope this helps.
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And don't forget, you'll probably need to use Teflon Tape (for the tapered NPT thread) or it won't seal properly.
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I reckon the reason why they are so hard to get off is that they almost certainly would have used liquid gas sealant. Use some of that as well for the new ones.

Just looking at time of your last post and you probably already have the new ones on :).
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